Transformation Tuesday: The 3 Week Plan

I really questions sharing these. And I’m not sure why…. I know progress is progress no matter how small! I am incredibly thankful for this progress I pushed on myself! 3 week commitment to getting myself back on track from being a lazy bum. It’s nothing crazy. In fact I’ve seen better! Like I’ve seen AMAZING!!! […]

Are You Looking for Motivation??

If you are brand new to my page, i want to say WELCOME! My name is Jennifer O’Connor i am a busy mom, bride to be and an online health and fitness coach. I run online challenges throughout the month to help hold people accountable to reaching their goals. Because everyone needs a little support […]

Transformation Tuesday: Don’t Quit, DO IT

It’s been a REALLY long time since I have participated in Transformation Tuesday. I guess for so long I just assumed everyone knew my journey? But it amazes me how many people think i have looked this way my entire life. HA! So wrong! After my son was born the scale topped out at over 200lbs! […]

Transformation Tuesday: From Overweight to CONFIDENT

It was 2 weeks before Christmas with a 5 month old and an Empty bank account. I was overweight. Depressed and had just about ZERO self worth. I took a MAJOR leap of faith on December 7, 2012 when i decided to ask a friend to borrow $40 to help me sign up as a coach. […]

A Three Week Commitment to Change Your Life

Think you can do it? It’s time to STOP wasting time guessing and figuring out what you have to do to lose weight. It’s time to STOP wasting your time figuring how why you are not making any progress. Our 3 week program is based on LIFESTYLE CHANGES. You will learn how to eat proper […]