My Next 21 Day Transformation Coming Soon

This is a different kind of #TransformationTueaday post…

My nutrition has gotten way out of hand. I meal prep for a couple days and then get lazy. I have lacked complete motivation to want to eat healthy. I know I’m my head that I HAVE too, but then I don’t follow through. **I am human and I struggle JUST LIKE YOU!

A program I have always wanted to complete was the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. But I was so always so scared. I’m a picky eater and it’s a specific proven meal plan. I always feared failure. Feared I would invest in the plan and then ruin it by day 4. I saw on this for 2 weeks before I finally committed to it on Friday.

I’ve gained some weight due to crazy times and stress. Birthday treats. Eating out a couple nights a week. Not sticking to the plan. Lack of working out as best I should. *Worst coach ever right???*

But I know that I need this. Part of me still believes I might fail, but the rest of me knows I need this, want this and READY for this! So I’m sharing this publicly. (Not ready to share the full before pictures and stats)

On Monday March 27th I am officially starting the 21 Day Ultimate Reset as well as 3 Week Yoga retreat on Beachbody On Demand. (Tackling two huge fears in 21 days) I AM NOT A YOGI!!! I’m a high intensity junkie. But the Reset calls for minimal workouts or waking and yoga only!

Stay tuned! Because I’m going to take you on this scary journey. Good and Bad! And I’m so excited to have a couple ladies on my team do it with me! We’re so ready to give this a try!

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