2017 Word of the Year


It’s the last day of 2016! A full year has passed! I flew by so fast! From seeing my son growing up day by day into a smart handsome little man to having to wedding of our dreams surrounded by family and friends. It was an incredible year in our life. It truly went by too fast.

2016 was a year of obstacles for me. I had to take a half a step back in my business and my team due to having to plan this huge day for us. It was so worth it because we had the best day ever. Some of my dreams and goals were put on hold. Do i regret it? Not at all. But i want to make up for it. I want to DREAM BIGGER and BE BOLDER in all aspects of my life.

I discovered some friends of mine on social media talking about their ‘WORD OF THE YEAR’. This word is chosen to represent your year. YOUR YEAR. When i think of 2016, i think of the word HARD. It was hard trying to balance everything. Being a mom, planning a wedding, building a thriving fast growing business. It was HARD. But i learned so much throughout the year.

2016 was a lesson learned for me. A lesson on balancing life, friends, family and work. I took every failure and turned it into goals i want to accomplish with this FRESH START of a new year.

After thinking about the past and goals for the future i came up with my Word of the Year for 2017.

So here it is: PERSEVERANCE.

This word has so much meaning to me lately. It means to be persistent in doing something DESPITE difficulty or delay in achieving success. To persist in anything undertaken; maintain a PURPOSE in spite of difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement.

It’s about patience. Remembering that life is a journey. If you got everything you wanted all at once, there would be no point to living. Enjoy the ride, and in the end you’ll see these ‘setbacks’ as giant leaps forward, only you couldn’t see the bigger picture in the moment.

Remain calm, all is within reach. All you have to do is show up every day, stay true to your path, always believe in you and you will surely find your goals are in reach

Team Fit Possible is living by the Word: PERSEVERANCE! It is my mission to continue to serve others in both health and fitness and in their business. Helping people overcome their hard time or delay in success. Making sure they keep moving forward because it’s going to be worth it in the end. It’s all about our journey and making the most of it.

My favorite thing is that it truly represents everything i believe in. Overcoming hard times and still pushing forward. I hope to continue to inspire as many people as possible with my story and my journey this year.

Happy New Year. Cheers to making it the best yet!

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