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Core De Force Home Fitness Program is here!

AHH! CORE DE FORCE IS FINALLY HERE!! I am seriously so excited for this new fitness program from Beachbody! If you are just hearing about it for the first time, here are some details you should know!

Core De Force is a brand new Team Beachbody workout just released. It’s inspired by Mixed Martial Arts focusing on the CORE to give you a total body transformation. This program is 30 days long. 30-40 minutes a day. NO fitness background required and NO equipment required.

I was able to participate in a SNEAK PEAK a couple weeks ago before the officially launched the program and it got me so excited for this to come! It was a high energy kick booty FUN workout! I felt muscles the next day that i didn’t know i had and i was dripping in sweat when the workout was over. I am convinced after doing just one workout, that this is going to change so many peoples lives!

Because of all the excitement surrounding the launch of this new program, i decided to host a challenge group. Starting NOVEMBER 14th, you will be able to participate in the YOU VS YOU; Exclusive Test Group hosted by me! This group is a support group for those doing Core De Force with me! It will be where we will hold each other accountable, share fitness tips, share healthy recipes ideas and get exclusive coaching from me as your personal coach.

Plus, the holidays are coming fast! This will be your extra accountability to stay on track! My motto is that this is not a diet, this is a lifestyle change. The goal is to crush this program as best as we can. So we can enjoy our holidays! ONE holiday will not ruin progress.

Thanksgiving = ONE DAY
Christmas Eve = ONE NIGHT
Christmas = ONE DAY

You can commit before January 1st. Most people feel that you can’t because they feel the holidays will ruin their progress. That is the concept around this challenge group. The YOU VS YOU Challenge. Be better than we were yesterday. Fight for progress over perfection. And most of all, be able to enjoy the holidays and the food that comes with those couple of days! I am the biggest believer in living a BALANCED lifestyle without feeling deprived.

Core De Force Home Fitness Program is here!

If you would like to participate in the YOU VS YOU CHALLENGE, Here are your next steps:

  1. I must be registered as your Team Beachbody Coach
    Make me your Free Coach, Here | Already Have a coach but would like to switch, Here.
  2. To participate in this Challenge Group, you will need to tools to complete the program at home. My personal coaching and challenge groups are free, you just have to purchase your challenge kit. Your challenge kit is complete with the entire Core De Force workout program, workout guides, nutrition plan and a full 30 day supply of Shakeology to replace one meal a day with. Getting your complete challenge kit will also get you two bonus workout DVDs and a set of portion control containers to follow the nutrition plan.- To get your Challenge Pack, click here: CORE DE FORCE CHALLENGE PACK
    – To get your Digital Download Challenge Pack (which means no physical DVD’s and allow you to steam the workouts), click here: CORE DE FORCE DIGITAL PACK
    – To get your Performance Challenge Pack (which is Pre workout, Energize and Post workout, Recover INSTEAD of a 30 day supply of Shakeology), click here: CORE DE FORCE PERFORMANCE PACK

You also have the option to sign up as a coach on my team to receive a 25% discount on all future orders including Shakeology and Beachbody Performance line. Signing up as a coach does not mean you have to work the business. Plenty of people sign up as a coach just to take advantage of the discount. The option will always be there for you to work the business if you ever change your mind.

Signing up as a coach on my team with the Core De Force Challenge pack will waive the $40 coach sign up. So you pay the same amount as getting the Challenge pack as a customer except all future orders will be 25% off.

To sign up as a coach with the Core De Force Challenge Pack: CLICK HERE.

I am seriously SOO excited about this upcoming challenge group! I am even more excited to start this program myself and share it with everyone! If you have any more questions about this program, this challenge group or ordering through me as a coach, please email me!

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