What You Need to Know Before Becoming a Beachbody Coach

It’s no secret that I love health and fitness! It’s also no secret that I’m passionate about my “job” as a Coach.

More importantly, that I get to stay at home with 4 year old son and coach people through their life changing journey. Looking back at the past 3.5 years and seeing the team that turned to family, the lives changed in my challenges groups and the happiness that I have waking up every single day loving what I do…… words can’t describe the feeling.

I always knew I wanted more for my family, more for my children and more for myself. One day I finally said, “let’s do this!” after a trip to the grocery store to help my family, turned into me walking out of there with my infant baby and no groceries because i couldn’t afford to get food. I stepped way out of my comfort zone after realizing i NEEDED to do something and signed up as a coach.

Creating my own schedule through this opportunity has changed every single part of my life and has been such a blessing!

Through my journey as a coach, i have lost 55lbs through our home fitness programs and shakeology and have been able to replace the income of all 3 of my previous jobs i was working at once, and become a full time coach with Team Beachbody. I am the Founder of Team Fit Possible. We are a team of just about 300 coaches who work together and support each other physically, mentally and financially.

I am at a turning point in my business where i am working very closely with new coaches and your success is truly my priority. I have seen first hand what this business has done for me and my family as well as dozens of coaches on our team.

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Right now i am looking to personally mentor 4 new coaches this month. The reason i am only working with 4 is because i want to make sure i am investing enough time into helping you get started right in your first month as a coach. You will be working right next to me as an apprentice coach during my next challenge group so you can get comfortable with us.

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