10 Tips for a Healthy Holiday Weekend

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  1. EAT LIKE YOU DO THE WEEKDAYS – Yeah it’s a holiday weekend. A long weekend and you might be home an extra day. But if you treat this just like a normal weekday, you are more likely to stay on track.
  2. SPLURGE – Wait what? i just told you to eat like you do on weekdays? RIGHT! Splurge in a healthy way! Maybe go up to the BBQ table for an extra serving of fruits or an extra serving of veggies. Most times, what do we go for? We go for an extra burger or a hot dog. Instead, go back for an extra serving of fruit and veggies!
  3. DON’T SKIP YOUR WORKOUTS – This might require you to wake up a half hour earlier or so. And your BRAIN will be telling you to ‘STAY IN BED – IT’S A HOLIDAY WEEKEND!’, but you need to talk back to your brain and say, ‘YES, that is why i have to get my workout done.’ Don’t skip a sweat session just because it’s a holiday.
  4. DON’T LET YOURSELF GO HUNGRY – I am so guilty of this! BBQ’s starting at 3pm and i would SKIP LUNCH because i knew they would have food for me and if i skipped lunch, i can eat that extra burger.. WRONG!!!! You are likely to fall MORE off track because by then you will be entering STARVING mode. Which will cause you to not make smart choices and to over eat! Make sure you don’t skip meals!
  5. DO SOMETHING ACTIVE OUTSIDE – Maybe you don’t have any BBQ’s planned and you are just home relaxing and enjoying the weather. Use this as some time to get outside and get active! Maybe taking the dog or the kids for a walk or taking them to the park.
  6. GET ENOUGH SLEEP – Easier said than done on busy weekends right? but it’s important to your goals and your body to get enough sleep! If you get enough sleep you will wake up ready to tackle the next day full of energy.
  7. FOLLOW THE 80/20 RULE – Again… I said to eat like you do on the weekends?? what gives? YES, but, you also want to remain sane and be able to enjoy good food every once in awhile. Allow yourself to enjoy your favorite food. IN MODERATION. Don’t let a cheat meal, turn into a cheat weekend. That’s when it’s gone too far. Commit to healthy choices during the day, this way when you are at the BBQ with friends, you can enjoy a burger, or your moms famous macaroni salad! Then right back on track.
  8. SCHEDULE SOME TIME TO RELAX – Taking some time to just relax from the hustle and bussell is just as important as spending some times being active outdoors. Being constantly on the go is draining. So set some time to lay in the backyard with a nice book *and some sunscreen lol* and enjoy some relaxation.
  9. PREP FOR THE WEEK AHEAD – Prep is key to everything. If you know that you will be enjoying some good foods this weekend and that you will be out and about with limited time to do much. Make sure you plan for the week that comes after your holiday weekend. WHY? because you don’t want to extend the weekend into the weekday. Leaving yourself with no healthy choices and no plan for the following week will leave you lost and you will likely not recommit to your journey and your goals. PLAN AHEAD. it’s so important to reaching your goals long after a long weekend.
  10. DRINK WATER – This is self explanatory and probably THE most important. We tend to get so busy that we don’t drink water until our mouths taste like it’s full of cotton. This is even more important if you plan on enjoying a glass of wine or a cocktail over the weekend. Drink up!!!!
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