How to get Ready for the 21 Day Fix

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So you just got your 21 Day Fix program or Challenge pack? I bet you opened the box and immediately got overwhelmed! I WAS THERE! I remember when the 21 Day Fix first came out and i got my kit in the mail. I took one look and said “What the heck am i supposed to do with this stuff!” — I have been following the nutrition portion of the 21 Day Fix on and off since it came out.

I put together my top tips below on How to get ready for the 21 Day Fix!

  1. Start with your START HERE Guide. So many people tend to skip this part, but it’s the most important. That’s why they put ‘START HERE’ on the front of the packet! (This is also where you will find your workout calendar)
  2. You will want to open up the EATING PLAN book. Start from the first page and go cover to cover. Sounds silly but start from the very beginning. It will explain to you the containers, how they work and how the program will work. You will also come the page that helps you figure out your calorie bracket and how many containers of each color you get everyday.
  3. MEAL PLAN. I say meal plan instead of meal prep because this is where you will look through the approved food lists and see what you can prepare and plan ahead of time for easy grab. Start with one week at a time. You will know at this point how many of each container you can have during the whole day. Plan your meals and your day around that. Then decide what needs to be cooked ahead of time, what you can chop up for easy cooking and so on. *** I recommend starting BASIC your first week. I know some recipes look super fun to make during the program that you find all over pinterest. But let yourself get the hang of the containers and program first before REALLY exploring. (See some meals idea HERE)
  4. Create your Grocery list based off of the foods you will be eating during the week. This will actually save you a ton of money as well. MEAL PLAN first, and then shop only for what you will be making and eating. Will save you time, money and energy during the week. (Click Here to get my list)(BLANK Grocery shopping list is HERE.)
  5. Print out your Container TALLY sheets! (Click here to get them) This will help you when you’re meal planning and when you are going through the program. (There is also a 21 Day Fix Tracker App in the Apple Store and Google Play store.)
  6. Take your BEFORE measurements and photos. This is SO important. You should be taking before pictures from the front, side and back. You should also be logging your starting weight and then log your measurements (legs, arms, chest, waist and hips). Make sure to do ALL of this. It will show the most results.
  7. HAVE FUN! This program might be overwhelming at first, but it’s not meant to be a STRICT lifestyle. Make sure you are enjoying yourself and eating foods you actually like.

If you are NOT currently working with a coach and would like to join my exclusive online support group for all people doing 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix extreme, CLICK HERE to fill out a form to chat with me. I would love to be your coach and help you reach your goals for the duration of your journey! 🙂

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