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My name is Jennifer O’Connor, founder of Team FIT Possible! We are just over 300 coaches strong on our amazing team! I am a Star Diamond coach and have been doing this for 4 years now! Our team is a group of moms, dads, students, teachers, corporate employees and more. We all come from different backgrounds, but are brought together by our passion for health and fitness and helping others reach their goals. We make this business fit into our BUSY lives. And we can show you how you can do the same.

I normally do this in a private group on Facebook but i decided to do something different and put everything right here for you! You can share this page or even bookmark it to save it to catch up later. I am going to cover a couple of the most important topics involving coaching and the top questions we get asked as coaches.

More than anything you’ll get a feel for if Team Fit Possible is the right fit for you! There is never a perfect time to try something new in life. We are all busy, we all have families, jobs and other demands in life. And this business can change your health, your finances and your life! If coaching sounds like something you would be interested in, you can email me or send me a facebook message and we can chat about this opportunity!

[tx_heading style=”default” heading_text=”1.) WHY you should become a Coach!” tag=”h2″ size=”35″ margin=”24″ align=”left”]
WHY should YOU become a Beachbody Coach? A big part of joining our team is working with amazing, driven people all over the country – we consider ourselves a family, we are there to encourage each other, teach and learn from each other, and share our successes to help others build strong businesses out of this opportunity.

This is a business and YOU are your OWN CEO. More than 90% of people work for someone else. This is your chance to enjoy the freedom of creating your schedule, work environment and a life by design. And you have a ton of support. There are two key points. One of them should speak to you.

  1. You do NOT have to be an expert in fitness or nutrition. I worked in the basement of a doctor’s office, a shot girl at a bar and made subs at a sub shop before becoming a mom! None of that screamed fitness expert and stay at home mom. But i also knew i was sick and tired of feeling like garbage about myself and stressing about going back to work. Wondering how the heck i am going to pay for childcare. I wanted to find something i can do with a schedule that worked for me. AND here we are. You will use your own story, your own struggles and successes to inspire others to take action. People are inspired by real people and often make buying decisions based on personal referral, not always on an expert opinion. Your business is truly sharing your journey and relating to other people and it’s fun. We get it and will teach you.
  2. If you are ARE an expert in fitness or nutrition, awesome. This type of coach will grow their existing fitness business with a powerful strategic partnership with Beachbody. You can include your OWN fitness and nutrition tips in your challenge groups and use some Beachbody programs or products to fill in the gaps (everyone can benefit from a nutrient dense shake). You will continue to promote your OWN brand (YOU!) and supplement your income with online coaching and nutrition. You don’t work for Beachbody, you use their premium products, brand recognition, marketing and compensation plan to grow your reach and income. It’s a savvy move.

What do we all have in common? We all offer encouragement and support. We all help people get results in health and fitness. We all invite others to work with us (not for us) in the business.

What skills do you need? A successful coach on our team needs to be positive, self-motivated, has a desire to better themselves and wants to help others. We will teach you the rest and will customize a plan of action according to YOUR skills and YOUR goals.

Why I became a Beachbody Coach is something probably so many of you can relate to! I wanted to stay home, AND get in the best shape of my life AND earn an income all at the same time. Pretty simple really!



[tx_heading style=”default” heading_text=”2.) A Day in the life of a Beachbody Coach!” tag=”h2″ size=”35″ margin=”24″ align=”left”]
So… you might be curious. What do coaches actually do everyday?

Many of our new coaches work their business using ONE POWER HOUR per day to really learn the business. This is about the same amount of time you commit to your own fitness everyday, now you’ll commit the same amount of time to your business. This is a starting point. You can divide this up with 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night. It might take cutting back on television, running fewer errands and limiting your time scrolling the news feed! But this business will move your life ahead. NO DOUBT!

We don’t want you to run around busy and frazzled. We will teach you to be productive. In our trainings as a new coach, you’ll learn how to use a power hour check list to keep your time focused. As you grow your business, you’ll want to do more and cross more things off that list and as you grow a team you have more responsibility to take on. Don’t worry it’s all workable and in your daily power hour. You won’t START doing all of these things of course! You’ll build up to it, according to your own goals. So don’t get nervous when i say that!


[tx_heading style=”default” heading_text=”3.) What does Team Fit Possible have to offer!” tag=”h2″ size=”35″ margin=”24″ align=”left”]
If you are ANYTHING like me when I was thinking about signing up, I was SO nervous…Because I thought, Ok I’m going to sign up and never understand anything, and not have any help and just “be on my own”…

I WAS SERIOUSLY SO WRONG *CAPS* *CAPS*! lol The good thing about choosing a SOLID TEAM is KNOWING that you are going to have more resources and support than you could imagine. Some sign up and don’t even have a TEAM to be a part of, and that can be scary. So I’m glad that you are HERE where you’ll have support and not be left to fend on your own!

Here are just a few of the things I personally do and offer to my coaches upon signing up:

  • you’re added to our team Facebook page with tons of support and resources there
  • you are given access to our teams GOOGLE DRIVE folder which is loaded with resources, answers, scripts, templates and training material you need to help you
  • one on ones set up w my coaches for video chat to get started right
  • new coach getting started right webinar scheduled monthly
  • new coach basics training group started monthly to explain the BASICS so you are not overwhelmed
  • new coach welcome email sent w our first steps as a new coach
  • weekly team calls w our leaders to share best practices
  • push groups to help coaches go Emerald and diamond and above


[tx_heading style=”default” heading_text=”4.) Coaches are not salespeople, We are Sharespeople” tag=”h2″ size=”35″ margin=”24″ align=”left”]
Some of you may think you won’t succeed at this business or that it’s not for you because you are not a salesperson, and something big we want you to take away from early on is that we are NOT pushy salespeople, we are COACHES.

We are sharers, givers, cheerleaders, personal support friends, life-changers! Helping people in so many different areas of overall wellness & support. We teach all of our new coaches in our training {which we have amazing trainings} how to simply share yourself and your own journey by being a product of the product… sharing your sweaty workout pictures, your non scale victories, your healthy meal recipes that you try, any struggles you are facing on your journey, what you’re doing for yourself & your families on a daily basis! Basically… being a REAL PERSON!! This is what people relate to!

People want to see this working for you. They want to be able to connect and truly relate to you. How you are making it work while being a stay at home mom, or a working mom, or career woman/man. Like attracts like so we’re sharing ourselves as our brand, our stories as a hopeful opportunity to help others effect the same changes in their lives.

You don’t need to go spam down all your friends and family with “hey buy from me, buy from me” we show them they want to buy this because of the true and genuine passion we have for these products and the undeniable results they produce! Honestly, at 3 years into coaching, my market is all strangers! And we also teach you how to build your following as well so you don’t run out of people to help and share with.



[tx_heading style=”default” heading_text=”5.) Is Beachbody Coaching a Pyramid Scheme?” tag=”h2″ size=”35″ margin=”24″ align=”left”]
THIS COACHING THING IS A PYRAMID SCHEME!!!! Yup, That’s what I thought when I was thinking about joining as a coach. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Wanna know why and how?

  1. I earn ZIP, ZERO, ZILCH when a coach joins my team. Even if TONS of people sign up, I get nothing. I only get paid when my team is successful. I earn when I help them earn money.
  2. Absolutely ZERO inventory on hand. Never buy anything to distribute. I don’t have to accept payments from people, order it and deliver. Zero bulls*** meetings or parties where people feel obligated to order something.
  3. Absolutely ZERO quota. My grandma is a coach JUST for the 25% discount. I don’t even think she knows how to log on.
  4. I earn more money than thousands of people who joined WAY before me. Your success has nothing to do with WHEN you join. It has to do with what you do about it.
  5. Socially acceptable: Investing HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars to open up a restaurant or a business. Spending thousands on school, with ZERO income guarantee. Working years for the man, hoping to get a raise. I GIVE myself a raise EVERY WEEK.

Guess what my investment was? Getting healthy… I now earn MORE money using my phone and a laptop lying on my couch than I EVER did with my “safe” office job. My only “RISK” and investment is improving my own health.

Guess what I would lose if I stopped or wanted to quit?? Nothing. Zero. This is 100% different than what your parents complain about. I chose home fitness coaching because these products save and change peoples’ lives. They changed mine. I chose home fitness coaching because I didn’t need to be an expert in nutrition or fitness. I didn’t have to be at my after weight. All I have to do is share these products I am already use. And I would endorse these products just like I would endorse my favorite restaurants or beauty products.

Pyramid scheme? You mean the shape of EVERY corporation in America? This business has changed my life forever. I have FREEDOM to do what I want, WHEN I WANT. My monday at the office is in sweatpants on my couch. If this were a pyramid scheme, why the HELL would I leave a comfortable full time job to do it?


[tx_heading style=”default” heading_text=”6.) SHOW ME THE MONEY!!” tag=”h2″ size=”35″ margin=”24″ align=”left”]
I know many of you want and NEED to know how we earn because this is a big part of why you are deciding to coach…Changing your family’s financial FREEDOM.

To break it down a little….

  • 25% commission on everything purchased through you
  • Challenge pack bonuses
  • Coach sign up bonuses if they invest in a challenge pack
  • Weekly team cycle bonuses if you help just TWO or more coaches join your team
  • 10% matching bonus on what any of our ranked coaches make
  • Quarterly bonuses for Star Diamond Coaches.
    ^ just to name some!

One of the BIGGEST ways to earn an income comes from building a great team of coaches who want the same things as you! In order to “rank advance”, you need to add to your team of coaches.

What you earn weekly really depends on the speed of your growth, the team you build, and what kind of coach you want to be! There is the hobby coach (building this business at your pace, when you want as a part-time gig) and the full time coach (ALL IN COACH looking to build income faster than normal and generate full time income) and that will be up to you to decide what you want to be!


[tx_heading style=”default” heading_text=”7.) Top Myths about Coaching” tag=”h2″ size=”35″ margin=”24″ align=”left”]
You’ve seen inside our team, inside our stories and our successes. Many of you have already expressed interest in joining the team, and in fact several already have! We are excited to work with you. If you’re on the fence, or still needing more information, let us BUST some myths for you. This might be just what you needed to feel rock solid about your decision. Watch this video i made explaining the top questions we get asked about coaching!



[tx_heading style=”default” heading_text=”8.) How Do You Sign Up as a Coach?” tag=”h2″ size=”35″ margin=”24″ align=”left”]
First of all… You do not need to purchase Shakeology to become a Coach. The Coaching fees are set at $39.99 to start up (waived for Active military/Veterans or with Challenge Pack purchases) and are $15.95 a month after that. This monthly fee covers the hosting and maintenance of THREE websites Beachbody provides, access to your Online Office, and an online Subscription to Success Magazine. The $39.99 sign-up fee covers the start up cost for the websites and a Business Starter Kit for you, and shows Beachbody that you’re serious about the coaching opportunity. People that invest in themselves are that much more likely to succeed because of their investment.

MOST coaches do, however, use Shakeology daily, being that true product of the product. You get it at a 25% discount, plus this makes you an “Active” ranked Coach. Becoming Active is a rank advancement that opens you up to opportunities such as qualifying for success club, bonuses, and starts your coaching off on the right foot.

NOTE: If you or your SPOUSE is active military or Veteran, Beachbody takes great pride in rewarding our soldiers by waiving all start up cost and coach fees. It’s a simple way to give back and say THANK you for everything you do!

So, in summary, there are 3 options for becoming a coach, and you can chat with myself or your coach about what works best for you.

  • Option 1: is to become a coach for the $39.99 sign-up fee and that’s it. Again, while this would make you a Coach, you would be “inactive”…meaning you are ineligible for commissions and incentives. (You need 50 points of “volume” to become active, so once you get that from a customer OR your monthly supply of Shakeology, you will be ‘Active’ Coach status again — SUPER easy to get active — and being inactive does NOT mean you will be dropped).
  • Option 2: would be to become a coach for $39.99 and order Shakeology at the time of sign-up. This would make you active and eligible for all commissions and incentive programs.
  • Option 3: *MONEY SAVING OPTION* would be to sign up with a Challenge Pack. This WAIVES the $39.99 sign-up fee to become a coach, and gives you a fitness program AND Shakeology at a significant discount. As far as “Bang for your Buck,” this is the most popular way to go.

Do you have more questions for me? Send me an email so that I can help guide you in the right direction, answer questions and reserve a spot in our Next Coach Basics Training program!

Fill out my online form.

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