21 Day Fix Approved Chicken Fried Rice

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It was Friday night, it was cloudy and down right cruddy weather today! I was CRAVING some serious chinese food. So i thought, why not make a healthy version of my absolutely favorite take out dish! And it was a HUGE HIT! My fiance told me it tastes exactly like if you were to get it from take out! And my son thought i left to go pick some up and was confused as to when i left the house to get it! haha Here is the recipe i put together:

2 cups Cooked Brown Rice
1.5 cups Mixed Veggies (Carrots & Peas & Onions – I added a little more)
Grilled Chicken
2 whole Eggs
4 Tbsp Bragg’s Liquid Aminos Soy Sauce Alternative

1.) Scramble two eggs in a pan
2.) When done, throw in Cooked Brown Rice, Grilled Chicken, Mixed Veggies and Onions
3.) Cook until warm
4.) Mix in 4 Tbsp of Bragg’s Liquid Aminos
5.) Stir around until golden & Enjoy!

And the bonus of it all… IT WAS SO EASY TO MAKE!!!! i legit decided, ‘Do i have everything? I am going to make this now! and BOOM! haha — Serving size & container equivilent depends on how you make it. This recipe above is for TWO people. When i make this for myself, I measure all the ingredients using the containers. So when i am making a single serving this is what i do:

1 Yellow – Cooked Brown Rice
1 Red – Chicken and 1 Egg
1 Green – Mixed Veggies
1 Orange – Liquid Aminos (2Tbsp)

But as you can see.. adjust accordingly! ** I have been getting tons of messages about some of the mixed veggies actually being a YELLOW container. I personally, do not count it. It’s such a small amount of corn and peas, it’s not worth trying to figure out how much of the yellow it counts as. Remember — you can edit the veggies portion as you see fit.

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2 Replies to “21 Day Fix Approved Chicken Fried Rice”

  1. How does this not count for more yellow? Corn and peas are yellow container items…

  2. fitpossiblecoach says:

    Hey there… it’s such a small amount that is added to the fried rice that i don’t get too technical with it. less than a handful of VEGGIES that doesn’t even fill half a container won’t put you off track. 🙂 you’re welcome to find a way to count it. but i don’t.

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